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My Beloved

“I’m the last one left.” This was the thought running through my head a few weeks ago. I was skimming through my news feed on Facebook when all of a sudden a relationship status had been updated. “So and so got engaged to so and so”. Great. I’m the last one left. (Okay, I do have one girlfriend left that’s not currently engaged.) I had been dating this great guy that I absolutely adored but we broke up about a week after this event . So, needless to say, we weren’t getting engaged any time soon. Every day and everywhere I went I’d get stopped by people looking at a certain finger on my left hand. The look was usually followed by a, “Not yet, huh?” or “It will happen.” This particular day, I had been asked if I was engaged yet about 5 times, three friends got engaged and I hadn’t seen my (then) boyfriend for almost a month. I wanted to cry. “Lord, I feel like the only girl not getting married, and who doesn’t have a ring to show off.”

The next day I was at work and decided I would go into praise and worship. (I work at a Bible school and we have praise and worship 3 times a week.) One of the students, who I don’t really know very well, came over to me and said, “Ashley, I really feel like the Lord told me to tell you something. I told Him, ‘But Lord, I don’t really know her.’ He replied, ‘But I know her.’ He wants you to know that He loves you and that you are the apple of His eye. He thinks you are beautiful and special. He adores you.” She then handed me this little something that was wrapped in pink paper. She opened her Bible to Isaiah 54:5 which says, “For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His name; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel; He is called the God of the whole earth.”

When I got back to my desk I opened the gift she gave me. It was a beautiful pink ring! I started crying when I realized that God not only heard me the night before, but He fulfilled my desire! It was an awesome reminder of who God is. God reminded me that He is faithful, loving, caring and giving. His desire is to be in constant relationship with us. It wasn’t a life changing word or anything. I would have lived, and life would have gone on even if this would have never happened, but God’s desire is to love us and give us the desires of our hearts. My desire was not spiritual. It was a dumb desire I had, but God knew how much it meant to me.


Not only did I get a ring to show off, but God told me how much He cherishes me. He even took care of the little details. Pink is my favorite color and the ring is pink and was wrapped in pink paper. It’s the perfect size, too. I have always had a really hard time finding rings that fix just right and this one is a perfect fit!

The woman who gave me the ring later told me that when she was getting ready for school God put it on her heart to go grab that particular ring and bring it to school with her because He was going to give it to someone today.

Isn’t God amazing?!