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Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory

I am so thankful! Friday night and all of Saturday morning, I watched my mother dying in the ER while 7 nurses and doctors were fighting to revive and stabilize her. My sisters, grandparents and pastor stood together in agreement that the doctor’s report was not the final report, and definitely not the report we were accepting. Within 6 hours of that report and several more tests, doctors stood in amazement as they saw absolutely NOTHING wrong with her!! She lost over half of her blood and would have died on her floor Friday night if my sister hadn’t called 911. However, because we know Christ died so we can live she is home and 100% healthy! Doctors still never found the cause because she was healed by His stripes! Just three days after all of this happened, the doctor released her from the hospital because “nothing is wrong with her. She is 100% healthy”, he even said that she could return to work the next day!

This all started almost three weeks earlier. She had her gallbladder removed on the 20th of March and just kept having issue after issue. She had been admitted and readmitted to the hospital and ER like three times with gallstones. So, she went in to have them removed but one had been impacted in the tissue around it, so they waited a day and went back in. They got it and released her Thursday night (the same day she had the gallstone removed). Then Friday night she hemorrhaged at home, so my sister called 911.

They thought during her last operation that maybe something had been damaged but discovered while going in to repair it that it was not what they had thought, and was way more serious. They had to transport her to another hospital because now it was too severe to handle at the current hospital with the doctors there. We needed doctors who specialized in this sort of case. They thought that perhaps the bleeding was coming from the liver or that general area. The doctor doing the procedure saw that she was still bleeding a little bit and saw a few blood clots as well. We got to the next hospital and they ran several more tests and another CAT scan (they had done one about two hours earlier at the first hospital), ultrasounds, and various other tests. However, the next report was “we can’t find anything!” They decided to do an angiogram in hopes to find the source of all the bleeding, but discovered that it looked as if she had never been bleeding internally ever.

She is now at home and feeling great! We know that she was supernatural healed. Thank God for His love and faithfulness. By His stripes we were healed! Because Christ died for us, we can now live. She is continually getting stronger and healthier each day 🙂

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