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What About Christophobia?

Anytime someone publicly brings up the fact that they disagree with homosexuality, they are immediately labeled “Homophobic”. They receive backlash for stating their own personal opinion and belief. I guess the 1st Amendment doesn’t mean anything to Americans anymore…

I guess you would call me homophobic because I believe that homosexuality is an unnatural, disgusting sin. I do not believe people are born homosexual, I believe it is a choice they make. I do not support gay marriage, because I believe the Bible is the Word of God and is the final authority, which clearly says that marriage is between a man and a woman and that homosexuality is an abomination. The Bible does not say that God hates homosexuals, but He hates the manifestation of the sin – homosexuality. Homosexuality is a sin just like greed is a sin. Sin is sin and God hates it. God loves people. God hates sin. Simple.

Now my beliefs may shock several people I know, gay friends included, because I have never mistreated or hated a homosexual in my entire life. And I grew up at a dance studio, so I was no stranger to homosexuals. I know firsthand, how easy it is to love a person, but disagree with their lifestyle. It’s not an irrational fear.

I can’t say a word against the homosexual lifestyle without being hated on and receiving a ton of backlash. However, anyone can speak out against my faith in Jesus Christ and no one bats an eye. I can’t admit that I don’t like having a gay pride day where homosexuals shove their lifestyle in my face without being persecuted, but god forbid a Nativity scene go up at Christmas time. Oh, and don’t you dare wish someone a “Merry Christmas” because that’s offensive.

So, here’s my question; Why is no one labeled a “Christophobic”?


One thought on “What About Christophobia?

  1. Because it is not a prevalent thing. People disagree with the silly views of some Christians- world created less than 10,000 years ago, gay lovemaking “sinful”, etc- without being fear-filled.

    Because much of those Christians’ reactions to gay people is phobic. People who complain about all the gay characters on TV, when the percentage of gay characters is about the same as the percentage of gay people in the population- that is phobic: the person notices the gay characters more, because they are phobic, just as an arachnophobe notices spiders.

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