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E.L.F. Products (Part Two)

My e.l.f. order came in Friday night!


I was SO excited about it! I got brushes, eyeshadows, mineral makeup, and acne fighting foundation, to name a few items I ordered. I had to work all weekend, so I haven’t had enough time to try all the products out and blog about them. So, my apologizes.

I’m not totally thrilled with everything, but I am really happy with most of it. As I mentioned before in my post, E.L.F. Products, I LOVE their makeup brushes. And I am not disappointed in any of the new brushes I bought. I bought the “Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette” and did not like the eyeshadows until I used the Glitter Primer. Once I put the Glitter Primer on first, I ended up liking the eyeshadows. Some of the colors looked a little on the cheap side, but I like the majority of the colors. Can’t say that their eyeshadows are my favorite, but there are others out there that I can’t stand. These are doable and have the potential to grow on me.

I haven’t used the mineral foundation yet, but I LOVE the mineral blush. It’s my new favorite blush 🙂 I also bought one mineral eyeshadow and I really like it, as well. It’s a gray/blue-y color with a shimmer to it.

My favorite purchase has to be the e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder. One day, I just wore the correcting powder without any concealer and/or foundation! I really, really like this product. I was afraid that it would dry my face out, but it didn’t. I’ve used it everyday since my order came in, and it hasn’t irritated or dried out my skin.

Here’s a picture of me (wearing e.l.f. products) and my sister (the beauty with the sunglasses).

You really have to appreciate our “selfie” taking skills, don’t ya?! 😉




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