Mother-Daughter Bonding

Nothing says “mother-daughter bonding” like breaking out the power tools and building a bookcase! Okay. We didn’t build it. But we did assemble it!


About a week ago, I started an early spring cleaning. I say early because it makes me feel like I’m ahead and being productive when in reality I’m just a season behind. This “spring cleaning” made me realize that I really needed a bookcase (for storage since I’m not a big reader). This then led to the bright idea of going to Walmart at 10pm to buy a bookcase, assemble it and begin using it that night. Yeah. Quite optimistic.

After a few scrapes, several laughs and some blood (thanks, mom for taking one for the team), it was finished! We successful assembled a bookcase by midnight! My mom also got over her fear of the sound of drills (read about that one here)