Thank You, Sadie Robertson

I just wanted to say “thank you” to Sadie Robertson for being so mature and wise beyond her years. This girl is in the spotlight, is growing up in a culture that hates all she believes in and stands for and she and her family are constantly under scrutiny. Yet, at the tender age of 17, she has more class and confidence in who she is and what she believes than most 50 year olds. She isn’t shaken or moved by people’s opinions of her, she doesn’t cave under peer-pressure and what culture says is “cool”. She has stayed true to herself and has not sold out for fame or better reviews. She tells young girls and women everywhere that you can be famous and fashionable without being trashy and a total sellout. I think back to all the girls who grew up in the spotlight, starting off as sweet, innocent good girls and sold out just to gain more fans. They traded their faith in God for a minute of fame and wholesome nature for sex appeal and drugs. And look at where they are today. I don’t have to name them, I’m pretty sure you are thinking of at least one girl. Sadie still has the opportunity to go the same direction they all did, but I believe in her. She’s different from those other girls. She stands out from the rest.

Here’s to Sadie for showing us that you don’t have to wear clothes that leave little to the imagine to catch everyone’s eye. For showing us that you can be a born again believer in Jesus Christ without being a weirdo. For showing us that profane language doesn’t make you any cooler. For showing us that you can be a friend to those you don’t see eye to eye with. For showing us that you can do the impossible if you believe. For showing us that staying true to yourself is more rewarding and fun than becoming someone you aren’t. For showing us that standing up for what you believe in instead of letting everyone’s opinions sway you makes you stronger. And for showing us that being in love with Jesus Christ really does give you a glow.

Thanks for keeping it classy, Sadie!