A Voice For The Voiceless

“Speak out on behalf of the voiceless,Planned Parenthood, a place of absolute darkness and genocide. It’s bad enough that they run a success business by murdering millions of babies every year, but now they have stooped even lower. To the lowest of lows; selling the body parts of these slaughtered innocent human beings.

The most interesting part of this whole thing is that Planned Parenthood along with the left agenda would have us believe these “tissues” are just that; tissues that can easily be “emptied” from the uterus. However, they are selling BODY PARTS… How does “tissue” have valuable body parts and organs. Organs. So, now they want us to believe that abortion clinics are only disposing waste/tissue, not human lives, yet they have organs. Organs that are apparently developed enough to be useful and in high demand. Not buying it.

And of course, Planned Parenthood released their ‘sugar-coded, we’re the good guys’ statement/debunk which is absolutely ridiculous. They talk about how it’s normal in health care for patients to donate tissue for scientific research and so on… There’s a huge difference between a patient legally giving permission to donate their own tissue with a woman “legally” (this is still up for debate) giving permission to donate her dead child’s remains. I’m getting passionate, so excuse my bluntness.

My point is…enough is enough! Church, how much longer will we remain silent and turn our heads out of “love”? How far must the boundaries be pushed until we wake up and start making a difference? When will we finally rise up and do what Jesus did – be about our Father’s business (Luke 2:49)?

We CAN make a difference and maybe just maybe we were born for such a time as this…


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