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Three Things I Would Tell Younger Me

Three Things I Would Tell

1. Put God first

God will never steer you wrong. He loves you so much more than you know and He wants the absolute best for you. Don’t believe the lies that the enemy tells you, because they’re lies. It’s true, if you follow God’s leading you may not get what you want. But the thing is, it’s not what you actually want anyway. Believe me. God knows that the boy you want to date isn’t a good influence on you and in 3 months, you’ll have a broken heart. God wants to save you from all that trouble and heartache, not withhold something wonderful from you. God does not want you to be miserable. He has only the best in mind for you and you’ll be happier if you choose Him above all else. He won’t lead you into trouble, hurt or down the wrong path. Jesus Christ really is the Knight in Shining Armor who is magnificently perfect.


2. Listen to my mom

Yes, that’s right mom… You heard me correctly. I really wish I could go back and actually listen to you more often. And not just listen to you, but genuinely hear you out and take your advice. You were smarter and knew more than me. You knew that decision was a really stupid one and you wanted me to just heed your advice. I didn’t and now I wish I had. I wish I had learned from you and benefited from your wisdom.


3. Don’t worry about boys/getting married

Oddly enough, had I done the first two things (put God first and listened to my mom) I wouldn’t have needed to mention this third thing! Both God and my mom would have told me not to date pretty much the majority of the guys I liked or actually dated…
Seriously, don’t date that guy. Don’t waste your time even thinking about that guy. They don’t deserve your thoughts, your time or especially your heart. Give your heart to Jesus because He will never break it. He will guard and protect it and then He will direct you to the right man to give it to one day. Who cares if you go to the high school dance alone? They’re more fun that way anyway. Who cares if all your friends have boyfriends and are getting married before you? It’s better if you just wait for the right man who will point you back to Jesus. Let Jesus save you from all that heartache and misery that is caused by this distraction. And if he isn’t pointing you back to Jesus, respecting you and your family, then he’s not the right one. Don’t neglect your family and friends for some guy. Yes, it’s normal to want to spend the majority of your time with that special guy, but if you spend more time with him than anyone else and especially more than God… that’s a red flag. Yes, it’s true, not all guys are bad guys. Sure, there are some really great guys out there, but you won’t miss out on anything or even the right one if you are truly making Jesus Christ your number one priority.



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