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DIY Fall Wreath

DIY_ Fall Wreath

I am so beyond non-creative it’s not even funny! My mom can sew anything, take a few random items and creative something beautiful out them, however, that gifting or gene just passed right over me. Honestly, I should start a section of this blog titled “Pinterest Fails”. I always have good intentions and even some good ideas, but fail to execute them. So, it made me laugh when I decided to make my own fall wreath….

I mentioned on my Facebook page (Here’s a link to My Facebook Page) that I was attempting a DIY fall wreath and that if it went well I’ll blog about it. Much to my surprise, it went well! Okay, I got off to a rough start, but I have successfully created my very own fall wreath and it’s managed to stay together and hang on my front door for about 3 weeks!

My mom gave me a bunch of her old/extra crafting materials and I bought my very own hot glue gun (yes, I am a gun owner now 😉 ) and started crafting!


First I laid everything out and decided on how I wanted it all pieced together. I had some different kinds of ribbon, a wooden “B” that I painted and so faux pumpkins and gourds. None of which made it onto my wreath, but hey… never despise small beginnings 🙂


Then I started actually committing and gluing the extra foliage and pine cones down.


Then I decided that I was going to make a beautiful bow to put at the top right-hand side of the wreath….  And as you can see I was not lying about my crafting skills. After several frustrating attempts I decided a bow out of this ribbon was not necessary. Wreath1

I played around with the “B” and it just didn’t look right anyway on the wreath, so I scrapped that. I then took some burlap and finally succeed at a bow! It’s not exactly the bow I pictured in my head when I was envisioning my fall wreath, but it wasn’t quite as bad as my wire ribbon bow.



Here’s the final product! Nothing to write home about, but it was easy, cheap and my first DIY wreath. Not to mention probably the only craft project I’ve ever completed! Who knows, maybe I’ll become a master crafter like my mama and be posting pieces y’all will be jealous of! … And if not, you can always count on me to feel better about your craft projects!