How To Shop: Deals To Steals!

Deals to Steals

I love shopping. Love. Shopping. But I don’t always love the price tags and the end total. I’ve shared my love for Old Navy in the past, but I’ve never sat down and just spelled out why I like shopping here so much.

I am not an advocate for credit cards and getting in debt. If you don’t have the money, credit cards aren’t the answer. However, I do have an Old Navy card that I pay off as soon as I charge something to the card. Why? Because they have an amazing rewards program. I can shop at Old Navy with my Old Navy card and earn incredible points in no time. Without going into debt, or racking up a ton of interest on the card. It’s the only store card I fell prey to and like I said, I’m extremely cautious and make sure to pay it off as soon as it goes on the card. You can also use the Old Navy card (and earned points) at Gap, Banana Republic or any other Gap Inc. Brand. If you’re interested, go to their site and learn more because that was not the point of my post.

I had $15 in rewards, so it was like I had a “free” $15 to spend. I say “free” because I did spend money to get the $15. Anyway… I stormed the clearance rack and stuck gold! I got two light sweater/tops and a super cute blouse. The total? $16.60! Yes, I bought three tops for a grand total of $1.60 outside of my rewards. And I had a gift card from Christmas, so I used that for what the rewards didn’t cover.



I love deals, but I really love steals.

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