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Miracle Bathroom Cleaner

When we moved into our new home I quickly released that the previous owners hadn’t cleaned the house in probably the 10 years they lived there. It was so gross! I discovered  trash, noodles and toys in the vents, dirt that had been there for so long it was sticky, and found out what we thought were rust stains in the bathroom… well, weren’t rust.Yeah. Nasty.

Miracle BathroomCleaner

After several deep, deep, deep cleanings and a few bottles of bleach, I finally felt like the house was livable.However, our bathtub is the original tub from 1982 and is pretty badly stained. I had tried everything to get this tub looking decent. I tried baking soda, vinegar, Clorox, a number of different cleaning products, soap scum removers, every Pinterest hack I could find, bleach, etc. Nothing was getting the job done. I could spend hours scrubbing the tub down and it still looked like I never cleaned it. Then my mom told me she read something on Pinterest about a really expensive product that had great reviews. I thought, “Okay, I’d be willing to spend $40 on a product that will make the tub look nice.” Well, I couldn’t find the post she was talking about. What I did find was a much cheaper alternative. Borax. I thought to myself, “It’s cheaper and worth a shot.” I went to Wal-Mart and found 20 Mule Team Borax, went home and got to it.

So, I decided to take a before shot of my “clean” bathtub.

That’s not lack of a good cleaning for several days or months… That is just how my tub always looks.

After my 20 Mule Team Borax scrubbing.

Huge difference! There’s still a stain right down the middle of the tub, but even that’s not as bad as before.


So, what is 20 Mule Team Borax? It is a natural mineral used for all sorts of stuff; cleaning, laundry, even gardening I found out! I’m going to try it out in the next load of laundry I do.

You can buy just about anywhere, but I just stopped by my local Wal-Mart and picked it up in the Laundry aisle.




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