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-They commanded them not to speak at all, or teach in the Name of JESUS.- Acts 4-18 (1)

A church in Colorado Springs, CO is being told they can no longer use the name of Jesus in their advertisements on bus benches! I encourage us all, as the Body of Christ, to stand up against this. This is about Jesus. Mountain Metro Transit told Pastor Lawson Perdue (Senior Pastor of Charis Christian Center) he would not be allowed to renew his contact with ads that contain the name of Jesus. He was told he could advertise his church, but would not be permitted to use “Jesus” in his campaign anymore due to one complaint.

Pastor Perdue plans on fighting this because he believes (and is correct) that it is a violation of their 1st Amendment rights.

Make sure this same thing does not happen to your cities! Don’t be silent!

If you’re a Colorado Springs’ resident, please send emails to allcouncil@springsgov.org and call the Colorado Springs’ Mayor’s office at 719-385-5462.


Charis Christian Center’s Facebook response:

“They commanded them not to speak at all, or teach in the Name of JESUS.” Acts 4:18

They (Mountain Metro Transit) a division of the City of Colorado Springs commanded us (Charis Christian Center), not to advertise the Name JESUS!

The issue is: not that they are not allowing us to advertise, but they are not allowing us to advertise the name JESUS!

This is an attack:

1) On the First Amendment rights of all citizens of the United States of America.

2) On the Freedoms that we enjoy as citizens of the USA.

3) On all who call on the name of JESUS: including, but not limited to: Catholics, Presbyterians,
Baptists, Methodists, Pentecostals, and Charismatics.

4) On our personal and corporate faith as Christians (believers in JESUS).

Have a blessed week as we enjoy our Freedom!
Pastor Lawson 🙂
PS-Here is what some others are saying:

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