24 Weeks Pregnant

I am 24 weeks pregnant today! WOOHOO!! There are not enough words to describe how blessed I am. I have longed to be a mommy ever since I can remember. I got my very first baby doll when I was a mere 6 months old for my first Christmas. From the video and photos I’ve seen… I never put that doll down unless it was time for a diaper change.

God has been so faithful through this journey. I am so thankful I did not give up on this dream. It took longer than I expected and the road wasn’t always a smooth one, but I am blessed. I’m not saying I’ve had it worse than most women. I know so many women who have had a much more difficult journey to motherhood than I’ve had. We all have our own journey and obstacles to get through.

I remember last Mother’s Day (2016), I spent the day crying because I still did not have my baby. This Mother’s Day, I cried but for different reasons. I cried because I have seen the faithfulness of God. I woke up to the feeling of my baby moving inside my womb. It’s a feeling that I cannot describe. It’s beautiful. With every little kick and jab, I am reminded of the goodness of God. Not a day goes by that I do not thank God for this child of promise!

Baby is:
the size of a ear of corn
about 11.8 inches long
about 1.3 pounds
VERY active 🙂