It’s A Girl!

I know I haven’t written a new post in several months, but I was busy nesting and becoming a new mommy!

Daniel and I decided before I was ever even pregnant that we did not want to find out the baby’s gender until he or she was born. It was a long wait, and everyone asked us how we did, but it was so worth it! Literally, the best surprise of my life!

We did a very gender neutral nursery which we’re still putting the finishing touches on (and making more girly now that our little princess has arrived). We also received a TON of wonderful gifts from family and friends before she was born that were more on the practical side since no one knew the gender. We were blessed with a TON of cute clothes after she was born, too, from family and friends. This little girl’s closet is jam-packed with cute things 🙂 I like to say, “her closet runneth over.” Haha!

Olivia was born on the evening of September 12th. She is perfectly healthy and brings so much joy to this family. She is the best baby ever. I know every mom says that about her kids, but seriously… Olivia is only 10 weeks old (today) and is already sleeping through the night!



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