Motherhood. There’s nothing quite like it. At times it’s hard and exhausting, but it is always amazing. It’s the hardest yet easiest thing I’ve ever done. I say easiest not because I’m the perfect mother or never have challenges. But because there’s nothing I would rather do. Every sleepless night is worth it because one day I’ll sleep. Every day I don’t get my house cleaned it’s okay because someone was more important to me. Every diaper I change I do with joy because someone needs me. Every time I miss out on the fun things I used to be able to do with friends isn’t so bad because I’m not missing out on what really matters.

Motherhood is a beautiful gift. I cherish these moments. The hard ones, the happy ones, the in between ones. They are all precious and I don’t want to take them, or my precious child for granted. They won’t last long. So I choose to soak up every last drop of it! God chose me to be the mother of this wonderful child. I don’t take that lightly. He entrusted her to me. He knows and trusts me to raise her the way He needs her raised. He knows and trusts that I will fight for her. He knows and trusts that I will teach her to trust Him. It’s an honor and I’m not ashamed to be a mother. It is a gift. A beautiful gift.

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