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A Joyful Mother

Two years ago, I wanted nothing else than to be a mommy. I remember, at some point on my journey to motherhood, laying on the floor of our “nursery” crying and asking God for a baby. I understood all too well what Hannah was going through when the Bible talks about her weeping in anguish… Continue reading A Joyful Mother



Motherhood. There’s nothing quite like it. At times it’s hard and exhausting, but it is always amazing. It’s the hardest yet easiest thing I’ve ever done. I say easiest not because I’m the perfect mother or never have challenges. But because there’s nothing I would rather do. Every sleepless night is worth it because one… Continue reading Motherhood


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I think it’s so awesome that we, here in the United States, have a day that’s set aside to be thankful. I am personally trying to be more and more thankful everyday, but it’s still nice to have one day a year devoted to thanksgiving. I believe that being thankful is a… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving