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Jesus Is Lord!

A church in Colorado Springs, CO is being told they can no longer use the name of Jesus in their advertisements on bus benches! I encourage us all, as the Body of Christ, to stand up against this. This is about Jesus. Mountain Metro Transit told Pastor Lawson Perdue (Senior Pastor of Charis Christian Center)… Continue reading Jesus Is Lord!

Spiritual Things

What Is A Strong Woman?

It seems every time I browse the internet, TV, or any form of social media, I come across some form of feminism. Whether it’s a young woman venting on Facebook about her “belittling” moment at a home improvement store when the male employee asked her if she needed help carrying anything, or a news article… Continue reading What Is A Strong Woman?

Hair + Beauty + Fashion

Bobby Pin Hacks

  Here’s a short list of bobby pins hacks I’ve learned over the years… years spent in a dance studio where every step you take you can find at least one bobby pin! Insert bobby pins wavy side down and against your head. Bend your bobby pins to match the shape of your head. Spray… Continue reading Bobby Pin Hacks

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Miracle Bathroom Cleaner

When we moved into our new home I quickly released that the previous owners hadn’t cleaned the house in probably the 10 years they lived there. It was so gross! I discovered  trash, noodles and toys in the vents, dirt that had been there for so long it was sticky, and found out what we… Continue reading Miracle Bathroom Cleaner

Spiritual Things

God Is Not Creating Your Problems – Part II

Since my latest post, “God Is Not Creating Your Problems” I’ve received a lot of comments. Some positive, some negative, some indifferent and some very emotional. First of all I want to say that I in no way am intending to hurt feelings. I’m also not trying to force my point of view on anyone,… Continue reading God Is Not Creating Your Problems – Part II

Spiritual Things

God Is Not Creating Your Problems

God is not against you. He doesn’t want you to struggle through life just barely making it. He doesn’t want you to learn the hard way, and He certainly isn’t creating your problems to teach you something. I think my most hated phrase is, “God must be trying to teach me something.” Yes, God wants… Continue reading God Is Not Creating Your Problems