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Let Go & Let God

I have discovered a theme in my walk with God. That theme is trust. Trust is the number one thing God and I talk about. It’s the number one thing I struggle with. To be perfectly honest, I truly struggle to trust God in all things. God has never failed me, so I’m not entirely… Continue reading Let Go & Let God

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Nothing Is Impossible With God

“Lord, why does this seem so impossible?” These were the words I found myself asking God in my quiet time. There are things that just seem impossible. And maybe they are. Maybe in this world and in the natural things are impossible. There’s a limit to what can and cannot be done. “Nothing’s impossible for… Continue reading Nothing Is Impossible With God


New Year – 2017

This verse is so good! I love how lavish God is with His goodness. He is not withholding anything from us, but instead He pours His goodness on us. I am believing for good things in 2017! I’m believing for a new thing, new hopes and desires, new destinations, new journey, new memories, and a… Continue reading New Year – 2017

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When The Time Is Right

Sometimes when it seems in the natural that God has forgotten or isn’t listening to our prayers, He is really preparing it all for the right place and time. Don’t give up or lose heart. God is doing a mighty thing, but it’s not the time yet. Something special is about to happen, but timing… Continue reading When The Time Is Right

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Positive Thinking

  What we meditate on, or think about, matters. Where our focus is can magnify problems, or magnify the Lord. If it’s not positive, don’t think it. If it’s not positive, don’t speak it. If it’s not positive, don’t see it. If it’s not positive, don’t listen to it. We have the choice to choose what… Continue reading Positive Thinking

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Jesus Is Lord!

A church in Colorado Springs, CO is being told they can no longer use the name of Jesus in their advertisements on bus benches! I encourage us all, as the Body of Christ, to stand up against this. This is about Jesus. Mountain Metro Transit told Pastor Lawson Perdue (Senior Pastor of Charis Christian Center)… Continue reading Jesus Is Lord!