My name is Ashley and I love spending time reading my Bible, spending time in the presence of God and hanging out with my family and friends. I recently got married, so I’m enjoying married life; it’s the best! My husband, Daniel, and I enjoy coming up with funny little things to do, like find new board games to play or TV shows to watch together. Our favorite board game to play together is Dominion. We LOVE the TV show Survivor, so we’re never free on Wednesday nights. I enjoy getting on Pinterest.com daydreaming about all the things I could make, but probably never will. I recently discovered The Happy Planner… Oh, my. I am obsessed! My hubby calls it my “thousand dollar sticker book”. Haha.

I started this blog as a single woman focused on girly matters and things God was showing me. However, now that I’m married my blog will be more “all-encompassing”, if you will. You’ll still be able to read about girly things and definitely about the things God is showing me, but you’ll also find more about marriage, eventually children, recipes and just life in general. I believe that life is not only beautiful, but it’s an adventure. Hence, The Beautiful Adventure Blog!

You can read my testimony here and learn more about my own personal beautiful adventure through this blog.





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