My name is Ashley. I am a Christ follower, happily married, and new mommy. I recently quit my full time job working at a ministry here in Colorado, and was promoted to full time stay at home mommy. I absolutely love being a wife and mother. Ever since I was a little girl, I felt called by God to be a stay at home housewife and mother. I am extremely blessed to be able to do just that! I love spending time with God, family and friends. I am old fashioned and huge into family and traditions. Taking care of my daughter is my #1 priority and I feel honored to be her mommy. My husband, Daniel, and I love binge watching TV shows on Amazon Prime or Netflix. We also enjoy playing board games; Dominion is my favorite! Other favorites include, Ticket to Ride, Can’t Stop, and Patchwork. Don’t ask us to do something on a Wednesday night because that’s “Survivor night;” yes, we’ve watched every season of the TV show Survivor.

I started this blog as a single woman focused on girly matters and things God was showing me. Now that I’m married my blog will be more “all-encompassing”, if you will. You’ll still be able to read about girly things and definitely about the things God is showing me, but you’ll also find more about marriage, pregnancy and children, recipes and just life in general. I believe that life is not only beautiful, but it’s an adventure. Hence, The Beautiful Adventure Blog!

You can read my testimony here and learn more about my own personal beautiful adventure through this blog.




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