Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I think it’s so awesome that we, here in the United States, have a day that’s set aside to be thankful. I am personally trying to be more and more thankful everyday, but it’s still nice to have one day a year devoted to thanksgiving. I believe that being thankful is a… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

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Let Go & Let God

I have discovered a theme in my walk with God. That theme is trust. Trust is the number one thing God and I talk about. It’s the number one thing I struggle with. To be perfectly honest, I truly struggle to trust God in all things. God has never failed me, so I’m not entirely… Continue reading Let Go & Let God

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Nothing Is Impossible With God

“Lord, why does this seem so impossible?” These were the words I found myself asking God in my quiet time. There are things that just seem impossible. And maybe they are. Maybe in this world and in the natural things are impossible. There’s a limit to what can and cannot be done. “Nothing’s impossible for… Continue reading Nothing Is Impossible With God